Here is a summary of my past projects!

A comprehensive list of my past experience can be found on my LinkedIn and IMDb pages.

Rooster Teeth

At Rooster Teeth I got to work on a wide variety of projects including 3D animation, 2D animation, Machinima, and even a stop motion short. Here’s a quick list of the most notable examples:

Red vs Blue Shizno Paradox

“Red vs. Blue” – Season 16 & 17

RWBY Chibi 3

“RWBY Chibi” – Season 3

Nomad of Nowhere Season 1

“Nomad of Nowhere” – Season 1: Ep 7-12

Cyanide & Happiness

I worked on the first three seasons “The Cyanide & Happiness Show”, as well as the weekly shorts, in various production roles. I joined the team at a very pivotal time and was honored to help it grow into a thriving studio.

Cyanide And Happiness Step on a Crack

The weekly shorts (careful, they’re not for kids) can be found on Explosm’s YouTube channel.

Cyanide and Happiness Season 3

“The Cyanide & Happiness Show” is currently streaming on VRV.

Creative Works

A collection of my 2D and 3D work can be found here. I think getting to actually make things on the technical and artistic side has made me a better Producer.