More about who I am!

I’ve spent the first chapter of my career producing animated content that’s garnered hundreds of millions of views online. I love producing, it’s the exhilarating alchemy of turning dollars into cartoons. However, I caught the itch to create stories of my own. As a gay man, I’ve really enjoyed working on stories that feature prominent queer characters.

I studied animation at UT-Dallas, but my talents for rallying artists together led me to producing. I’m glad I got my hands dirty on the technical and creative side first, as it made me a more empathetic and effective leader. Delivering content on-time and on-budget is crucial, but equally important is your team enjoying the process along the way. In short, happy people make happy work.

I am currently located in Glendale, CA.

More information about my education and work history can be found on my LinkedIn and IMDb pages.