Cyanide & Happiness Show Season 3!

The first 5 episodes of “The Cyanide & Happiness Show” Season 3 are out now! It’s been a wild ride producing this one, I even got to get my hands dirty and re-animate the zoom to the intro. The team behind this show is the most talented group of passionate artists I have ever worked with, without a doubt. We hope each episode has you laughing in stitches!

Working with NBCU and Seeso on this season was great. They’re wonderful to work with, always encouraging us to make the best show we can make.

You can watch the first 2 seasons and the 5 new episodes now, only on Seeso!

Please note that the projects featured on do not in any way belong to me. My work is in creating/maintaining the site. I feel honored to feature the work of such fantastic artists. was a project started in summer 2012 that ran into early 2015 that was both a platform to showcase exceptional animated student short films and a resource for animation students studying their global peers. I managed the site on my own and had the great privilege to interview many of the fantastic people behind the short films featured on the site.

The site has unfortunately been shut down, though I am planning on releasing a post mortem on the archived content in the coming year.

Other Work


I enjoy lighting both as an artistic outlet and as a problem solving challenge. Many of the problems of production snowball into the later segments of the pipeline and learning how to deal with them from an artists perspective better equips me to proactively prevent problems when in a management role.

1) “Fright Lite” – Animated Short Film
-Role: Lighting and Compositing Artist, Project Coordinator
-Software: Maya, Arnold, Nuke
2) “Working Hard” – Lighting Challenge
-Role: Responsible for all but modeling. Modeling Credit: Juan Carlos Silva
-Software: Maya, RenderMan, Nuke
3) “Cauldron Bubbles” – Animated Short Film
-Role: Lighting and Compositing Artist
-Software: Maya, Nuke

Logo Animation

When time permits me to I enjoy doing freelancing 3D animation work and I tend to do logos because of their smaller scope and faster turn around.

1) Women in Film – Dallas 30th Anniversary Logo
-Original Logo Design by Laurie McNair
-Responsible for all other visual elements
-Software: Maya, MentalRay, AfterEffects
1) Blue Logic LLC Logo
-Original Logo Design by Blue Logic LLC
-Responsible for all other visual elements
-Software: Maya, MentalRay, AfterEffects
1) Women in Film – Dallas Logo
-Original Logo Design by Emily Eldredge
-Responsible for all other visual elements
-Software: AfterEffects